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Stress Tester

This is a public release of a dynamic stress tester. I wrote this stress tester with a fellow intern during my summer internship at Medialets. It utilizes Gatling, Medialets' REST interface, a parser combinator, Json4s, and functional programming to simulate a wide variety of customizable stress tests and log all failed requests on a server (

To run a test, the user first customizes the test scenario to create his/her choice of virtual users who can do any combination of 11 actions. During the simulation, the stress tester will automate the specified actions of these virtual users and perform them on Medialets' platform. The stress tester then generates a report of the simulation (which includes information about the request response times, request failure rate, and other relevant stress statistics) and finally logs the simulation's failed requests on a server.

Certain information had to be withheld from this repo as it is public. Specifically, the internal URLs of Medialets' platform, login information, commit history, and branch/pull request history have been omitted.

Quickstart Guide

Get the project

git clone

Edit Config Files

Edit application-template.conf (in src/test/resources) and userConfig.txt (in the main directory) to customize the test simulation. Then, rename application-template.conf to application.conf.

Run the project

  • Mac users:
    • Open terminal and run the "" script to run the main simulation, or the "" script to both run the main simulation and another simulation which logs all failed requests on an error-logging server (see below). These scripts are located in the bin folder. (If you are receiving a "permission denied" error for a run script, then run the command "chmod +x [run script path]" and try running it again).
  • PC users:
    • Open the command line, navigate to the project's main directory, load sbt, and run the command "gatling:testOnly com.medialets.MainSimulation." Then, if you want to log the failed requests (see below), run "gatling:testOnly com.medialets.LogErrors."

Error Logging

Here is the link to an error logging server made to log failed requests from Gatling simulations: It can be used to log errors from this stress tester's simulations. To do this, first make sure the server's "adminKey" field in its application.conf file matches the "errorLoggingKey" field in this stress tester's application.conf file. Then, run the server and make sure the URL it's being run on matches the "errorLoggingURL" field of this stress tester's application.conf file. After this, you can run any simulation on this stress tester with error logging.

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