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Karaage 3

Cluster account management tool.

What is Karaage?

Karaage is a cluster account management tool. It can manage users and projects in a cluster and can store the data in various backends.


  • Can store user information and/or posix account information in LDAP/Active Directory/passwd file.
  • Email notifications.
  • Auto account creation - Allow project leaders to manage their users.
  • Applications work flow - Users can apply for accounts and be approved by project leaders.
  • Usage reporting. Report on a per institute, per project or per user for CPU usage.
  • Track usage of software and versions. Keep track of what software (and version) and type of jobs a user is running.



Karaage is a complicated application and has more then one source repository:

Anything else not in this list has not been touched in years, and may not be still relevant.


  • karaage-usage: The karaage-usage plugin provides monitoring of usage information.
  • karaage-applications: This plugin allows users to self register accounts with Karaage.
  • karaage-software: Keep track of installed software applications.


Source code

Karaage is open source code and available under the GPL3 license. You can find the source code for Karaage at github.

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