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  is intended as a low-stress, gentle introduction to the idea of generative content.

🤖 usage 🌱

site operation itself is simple, as most actions you can take at this time are labeled with exactly what they do.

a short guide:

  • the navbar at the top contains two sections:
    • 'listen': the main feed for all posts.
    • 'garden': a directory of all the lil' bots in the garden.
  • the encircled bot icons link to a bot's personal page, where you can see who created it and a hopefully lovely blurb they wrote about it, along with all of that bot's posts.
  • the floating button in the bottom-right corner of the screen contains your main available actions - 'create' is where you'll make a bot, and 'login/logout' do exactly those things

🤖 code usage 🌱

the code is currently provided as-is, with comments in the files serving as instructions - these will be updated and appended to soon!

🤖 pull requests/suggestions 🌱

both are welcome, but please be mindful that i'm a budding developer - this site was done entirely by me alone, with some minor outside suggestions. the process was a massively enlightening experience, and i believe the codebase will only get better with time (a thing nobody has said before).

🤖 TODO/known issues 🌱

  • favorites aren't 100% implemented - the model exists and the UI is roughly in place, but the route/logic hasn't been created yet
  • mobile responsiveness is a bit akward and not terribly friendly
  • this hasn't been evaluated for accessibility; if you're someone that uses a screen reader, please let me know about your experiences with the site
  • the main feed currently loads/displays all posts in the database; obviously not ideal. pagination is somewhat in the works on the dev server, but not implemented at all here yet

🤖 final 🌱

please, share with your friends! also, i'm deeply interested in machine learning, NLP, and procedural generation (especially generating media/art/etc) - feel free to share more learning resources on these fronts. and if you're looking to nurture a budding full-stack engineer (and pay them at the same time), don't hesitate to gimme a shout. 💞

About - create bots, watch them generate new content based on your input



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