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Playing around to learn how to develop operating systems.
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Playing around to learn how to develop operating systems.

My goal here is to learn how to develop an operating system from absolutely nothing in hand. This means I will (at least try) not to use any ready-made component in my operating system. Except, nasm, dd, sh, <any other "basic" linux shell command> will be used. I can't instruct the cpu directly to write my files into a disk image. :D Ready-made components conclude file systems like FAT, ext4; bootloaders like grub, or compilers that compile code for x86 systems (I'll be writing my own compiler to compile (most probably) my own programming language :D).

To operating systems masters...

Teach me EVERYTHING! How should I manage memory? What should I include in a file system? How could I generate machine instructions from my own programming language? Please pass me your vast knowledge. I will appreciate any help.

"I want to try your OS"

Unfortunately, it does nothing considerable for now. You can use VirtualBox to emulate it though. Use "boot.img" as floppy image. You don't need a virtual disk image. So don't create any. (I'll change this text whenever you need a virtual disk image) You can use a bootable media to try it on a real machine, too. Use: dd if=boot.img of=(device-you-want-to-use) seek=0 count=(any-number-higher-than-1440) BEWARE: Use this ONLY if you know what you are doing. I would really recommend you to use a virtual machine. My code may destroy your device, rendering it unusable. Or it may clear your important data. I don't take any responsibility if anything happens to your machine. Also, the command above will corrupt your device data. It will make it unreadable by Windows/Unix/Mac. You can still make it readable by formatting the device.

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