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Modding Thunderbeam

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Welcome Cadet

Thunderbeam is a retro-futuristic adventure game from Karakasa Games. On top of an original narrative, Thunderbeam also allows players to write and share their own stories. This wiki will explain how.


Thunderbeam is written on top of Cocos2d 2.2 (Objective-C). The game runs on Mac and iPad. Custom episodes are created only on Mac, but they can be played on iPad too.

The Thunderbeam story is broken up into a series of episodes. Each Thunderbeam episode is written in Squirrel, a light-weight scripting language. Thunderbeam uses Squirrel version 3.0.4. Each episode is contained in a single .nut script file.

Thunderbeam can also detect and load external .nut files. These custom episodes can be placed next to the application or inside a scripts folder. When external .nut files are found, a "New Custom" option will be available on the Thunderbeam main menu.

Getting Started

Full version coming soon...

  1. Backup your Save Files
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Thunderbeam/
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.karakasa.Thunderbeam.plist
  2. Environment Setup
    • Install Atom
    • Install syntax highlighter: language-squirrel
    • Put _devmode.txt in the same folder as
    • Add a test episode: example70.nut
    • Run with log output: Launch Thunderbeam executable using the terminal.
  3. Episode Structure
    • See Example70.nut or the nut folder inside
  4. Episode Example
    • See Example70.nut or the nut folder inside
  5. Loading Scripts
    • Use the Main Menu in Thunderbeam when external_scripts_enabled:1 is set in _devmode.txt
    • Use devmode:1 in _devmode.txt
  6. Debug Panel Press ~ key or use the gear icon. Requires _devmode.txt.

API Reference

All the Thunderbeam functions are here.

Squirrel Resources

Need Help?

We'll set up a Discord server shortly. Follow @karakasagames on Twitter for Thunderbeam updates and announcements. Need to privately reach out? Email

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