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resource for extracting m4a files from youtube video
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  • Purpose: extract m4a files from yotube through user input and organize them into an album OR simply extract a single song
  • Dependencies: youtube-dl, MORE TO COME


  • Clone repo and cd into Albumify directory
  • To get single song:
	$ cd Albumify
	$ ./albumify "Often" "Weeknd"
  • Getting a complete album:
	$ cd Albumify
	$ ./albumify -A "To Pimp a Butterfly" "Kendrick Lamar" tracks.txt
  • help page
Overview: Enter a media source and artist name and get corresponding m4a media file(s)

$ albumify [FLAGS] 'Media Source Name' 'Artist Name'

-h                     displays this segment for brief help
-A                     will get Album with title 'Media Source Name' by 'Artist Name'

#Track Log / File description:

    • takes in song name and artist name as a querry
    • gets the FIRST youtube URL via google search
    • the yt hash ID is found then processed and concatenated to the main youtube video url
    • calls youtube dl to specifiy the download of a m4a file from the extracted url
  • albumify:
    • == main program
    • has 2 options:
      • -h contains help information
      • -A specifies the first media entry is an Album title
    • NEED TO DO:
      • query tracklist from Musicbrainz
      • query potential other metadata (song features, length)
  • tracks.txt:
    • contains a list of track names from the corresponding input album name
    • ONLY temporary (this file will be removed when integration with musicbrainz api is complete)


  • write python script that will fully process and input the meta data into the m4a files
  • further test potential arguments
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