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CHASMplus: predicting which missense mutations drive human cancers

Author:Collin Tokheim, Rachel Karchin
Contact:ctokhei1 # alumni DOT jh DOT edu
Lab:Karchin Lab
Source code:GitHub
Q&A:Biostars (tag: CHASMplus)

Large-scale DNA sequencing studies of patients' tumors have revealed that most driver mutations occur only in a few patients, which presents a challenge for precision medicine. CHASMplus is a machine learning method that accurately distinguishes between driver and passenger missense mutations, even for those found at low frequencies or are cancer type-specific. Unlike previous approaches that focus on identifying driver genes, CHASMplus identifies whether individual mutations are cancer drivers. CHASMplus can be used by both bioinformaticians and biolgists by using a graphical user interface or a command line tool.


CHASMplus is available through a graphical user interface [see the :ref:`quickstart-ref`]


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Please cite our paper:

Tokheim and Karchin, CHASMplus Reveals the Scope of Somatic Missense Mutations Driving Human Cancers, Cell Systems (2019),

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