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Language packs for Kariari
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Language Packs

Kariari uses HJSON files for translations. Those files are held in this repository. You can see the status of language packs here.

Creating Language Packs

Language packs use HJSON. To create or edit one, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install or open a code editor (preferably one that can read HJSON). Visual Studio Code has an extention to read it, but Atom or Brackets will work just fine.
  2. Download the English language template here or copy the langauge you want to modify from here.
    NOTE: English (EN_US) is the language that will remain the most up to date, and therefore should be used at the template
  3. Edit the template with the translations from English to the new language or edit the language that you are updating.
  4. After translating, upload the updated file to #language-submissions on our Discord server. Please include the language translated to.
  5. Upon approval, the file will be added here by one of us!
  6. You may recive a reward when an economy or something is released.

Thank you for your interest in helping out!


  • Just translate the words you see in English here! Do not translate the words that are to the left of the colons though (If using Visual Studio Code, they appear blue not orange)!
  • Commas nor quotes are not needed for normal strings (text) with hjson, but are recommended to prevent issues.
  • Leave the English in any place where you have a blank translation (not yet translated).
  • Leave words that are inbetween periods, inbetween colons, links, and inbetween <>s.
  • Translate everything possible, the calls, name, everything you can.
  • Don't remove markdown such as "\n", "\t", asterisks, links, underscores, etc. See for Discord's supported markdown. Be sure to translate what is inside the markdown formatting though!

    Image of editing in Visual Studio Code
    Little hits are placed throughout in comments, be sure to read them for context or help


Join our support server and go to #submission-help for help.

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