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A simple RSS reader in Drupal 8 to demonstrate the use of the tempstore system.
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This example module saves temporary values from a form and process them later
in a controller. To do that we’ll use the Form API and the tempstore
or the temporary store storage system of Drupal 8.

Read the blog post here:

The use case is the following: we need to build a simple RSS file reader
(a form) where the user could introduce the URL of an RSS file and the number
of items to retrieve from.  Next, in a new page (a controller),
the application should display the list of items from the RSS file with
a link to each syndicated page.

This module has two main parts:

1. A form (WithStoreForm.php) to collect the URL of the RSS file and the
number of items retrieve from. We save those values in a private tempstore 
collection and then we redirect the user the controller.

2. A controller (SimpleController.php) to retrieve the form's values for this user from the private
tempstore and display a list of items from the RSS file introduced
in the previous form.

We'll also use custom service with several methods for getting items from
the RSS file and to prepare the render array.

Module tree

|-- ex_form_values.routing.yml
`-- src
    |-- Controller
    |   `-- SimpleController.php
    |-- Form
    |   `-- WithStoreForm.php
    `-- MyServices.php

- Download the module in your /modules/custom directory.
- Install it with Drupal Console: drupal moi ex_form_values

To use the form, just go to /ex_form_values/form/myform
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