Control your server from Whatsapp
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Control your server from Whatsapp

What it does?

It allows you to control a server or a group of servers using whatsapp. The script is installed on the server and runs in the background. There are two ways of controlling the server:

  1. Send a command to be executed on the server through /exec command, example: sending /exec ls -tr will execute the ls -tr on the server and return the results as a message on whatsapp.


  1. Call a predefined python function on the server. At the moment, some dummy functions are present, like hello, start_server, memory_usage, preparing_demo..



In order to edit those functions, edit the src/ file to suit your needs.

It can even send pictures over, or do some text to speech (it can tell jokes)


At the moment, there is no authentication or security, but it's planned. I would not use it in production, it's a work in progress, but it already works well.

For any questions just ask


  1. Install the image handling system dependencies on bash opt/
  2. Create a virtualenv and install the requirements pip install -r opt/requirements.pip
  3. Follow the instructions on src/ to get the whatsapp credentials
  4. Edit the src/ file to suit your CLI needs
  5. Then just run the server with python src/


Heavily inspired by joaoricardo000's work -