Monkey-patch CSL processor plugin for Zotero (TeXmacs integration)
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This is a necessary component of the zotero-texmacs-integration plugin for TeXmacs.

Notice: I have not yet tested all of this with Zotero 5.0, since I use Juris-M 5.0 myself. Testing it in plain Zotero 5.0 is a todo item at this point. It won't hurt anything to try it, so if you feel like and and have success (or failure) please feel free to report that to me via the GitHub "issues" tracker. Thanks.

It is an add-on for Juris-M (and hopefully Zotero) that modifies Juris-M's (or Zotero's) LibreOffice integration to make it's output format compatible with TeXmacs.

This add-on is compatible with both my TeXmacs plugin as well as with the OpenOffice and Word plugins. This add-on no longer needs to be disabled or uninstalled in order for those other editor plugins to function as intended.

This add-on is primarily a monkey patch to the Juris-M (or Zotero) reference manager, which runs as a standalone XUL application (based on the Firefox web browser). It replaces the citeproc-js inside of Juris-M / Zotero with one that has certain options enabled, and also has been extended with a new outputFormat, called “tmzoterolatex”.

The monkey patch also overrides some functions inside the Juris-M / Zotero integration.js in order to cause the integration to output in the new tmzoterolatex format instead of in rtf format when the TeXmacs plugin sets that in the document prefs. Additionally, it enables and injects via a monkey patch, a variableWrapper() function, which is used to wrap the first 4 to 6 characters of the first item in a reference citation with a hyperlink to the bibliography entry when a zbibliography exists in the document, and the first 4 to 6 characters of a bibliography entry with a hyperlink to the URL in that Zotero entry, if it has one. When one of the character combinations ffi ffl ff fi fl occurs such that it would be split if the hyperlink's displayed text was only 4 characters, the length of that displayed text is extended just enough to include the entire group, so that the TeXmacs typesetter can render it as a typographic ligature in fonts that support it.

Code inside of the TeXmacs plugin also adds a list of back-references from each bibliography entry back to the point in the document where the citation occurred. If a reference is cited more than once, then there's more than one back-reference shown, one for each point of citation within the document. This monkey patch plugin is necessary for that to work properly, since it is what provides the TeXmacs document with the necessary labels for the intra-document hyperlinks.