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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include "system.h"
#include "threads/Thread.h"
#include "threads/CriticalSection.h"
#include "threads/SharedSection.h"
#include "Interfaces/ThreadedAE.h"
#include "Utils/AEBuffer.h"
#include "AEAudioFormat.h"
#include "AESinkFactory.h"
#include "SoftAEStream.h"
#include "SoftAESound.h"
#include "cores/IAudioCallback.h"
/* forward declarations */
class IAESink;
class IAEEncoder;
class CSoftAE : public IThreadedAE
friend class CAEFactory;
virtual ~CSoftAE();
virtual void Shutdown();
virtual bool Initialize();
virtual void OnSettingsChange(std::string setting);
virtual void Run();
virtual void Stop();
virtual bool Suspend();
virtual bool Resume();
virtual bool IsSuspended();
virtual double GetDelay();
virtual float GetVolume();
virtual void SetVolume(const float volume);
virtual void SetMute(const bool enabled) { m_muted = enabled; }
virtual bool IsMuted() { return m_muted; }
virtual void SetSoundMode(const int mode);
/* returns a new stream for data in the specified format */
virtual IAEStream *MakeStream(enum AEDataFormat dataFormat, unsigned int sampleRate, unsigned int encodedSampleRate, CAEChannelInfo channelLayout, unsigned int options = 0);
virtual IAEStream *FreeStream(IAEStream *stream);
/* returns a new sound object */
virtual IAESound *MakeSound(const std::string& file);
virtual void FreeSound(IAESound *sound);
void PlaySound(IAESound *sound);
void StopSound(IAESound *sound);
/* free's sounds that have expired */
virtual void GarbageCollect();
/* these are for the streams so they can provide compatible data */
unsigned int GetSampleRate ();
unsigned int GetChannelCount () {return m_chLayout.Count() ;}
CAEChannelInfo& GetChannelLayout() {return m_chLayout ;}
enum AEStdChLayout GetStdChLayout () {return m_stdChLayout ;}
unsigned int GetFrames () {return m_sinkFormat.m_frames ;}
unsigned int GetFrameSize () {return m_frameSize ;}
/* these are for streams that are in RAW mode */
const AEAudioFormat* GetSinkAudioFormat() {return &m_sinkFormat ;}
enum AEDataFormat GetSinkDataFormat () {return m_sinkFormat.m_dataFormat ;}
CAEChannelInfo& GetSinkChLayout () {return m_sinkFormat.m_channelLayout;}
unsigned int GetSinkFrameSize () {return m_sinkFormat.m_frameSize ;}
/* for streams so they can calc cachetimes correct */
double GetCacheTime();
double GetCacheTotal();
virtual void EnumerateOutputDevices(AEDeviceList &devices, bool passthrough);
virtual bool EnumerateOutputDevicesEx(std::vector<AEDeviceEx> &devices, bool passthrough);
virtual std::string GetDefaultDevice(bool passthrough);
virtual bool SupportsRaw();
/* internal stream methods */
void PauseStream (CSoftAEStream *stream);
void ResumeStream(CSoftAEStream *stream);
CThread *m_thread;
CSoftAEStream *GetMasterStream();
void LoadSettings();
void VerifySoundDevice(std::string &device, bool passthrough);
void OpenSink();
void InternalOpenSink();
void ResetEncoder();
bool SetupEncoder(AEAudioFormat &format);
void Deinitialize();
inline void GetDeviceFriendlyName(std::string &device);
IAESink *GetSink(AEAudioFormat &desiredFormat, bool passthrough, std::string &device);
void StopAllSounds();
enum AEStdChLayout m_stdChLayout;
std::string m_device;
std::string m_passthroughDevice;
std::string m_deviceFriendlyName;
bool m_audiophile;
bool m_stereoUpmix;
/* internal vars */
bool m_running, m_reOpen, m_isSuspended;
bool m_softSuspend; /* latches after last stream or sound played for timer below */
unsigned int m_softSuspendTimer; /* time in milliseconds to hold sink open before soft suspend */
CEvent m_reOpenEvent;
CEvent m_wake;
CCriticalSection m_runningLock; /* released when the thread exits */
CCriticalSection m_streamLock; /* m_streams lock */
CCriticalSection m_soundLock; /* m_sounds lock */
CCriticalSection m_soundSampleLock; /* m_playing_sounds lock */
CSharedSection m_sinkLock; /* lock for m_sink on re-open */
/* the current configuration */
float m_volume;
bool m_muted;
CAEChannelInfo m_chLayout;
unsigned int m_frameSize;
/* the sink, its format information, and conversion function */
AESinkInfoList m_sinkInfoList;
IAESink *m_sink;
AEAudioFormat m_sinkFormat;
double m_sinkFormatSampleRateMul;
double m_sinkFormatFrameSizeMul;
unsigned int m_sinkBlockSize;
bool m_sinkHandlesVolume;
AEAudioFormat m_encoderFormat;
double m_encoderFrameSizeMul;
double m_encoderInitSampleRateMul;
double m_encoderInitFrameSizeMul;
unsigned int m_bytesPerSample;
CAEConvert::AEConvertFrFn m_convertFn;
/* currently playing sounds */
typedef struct {
CSoftAESound *owner;
float *samples;
unsigned int sampleCount;
} SoundState;
typedef std::vector<CSoftAEStream*> StreamList;
typedef std::list <CSoftAESound* > SoundList;
typedef std::list <SoundState > SoundStateList;
/* the streams, sounds, output buffer and output buffer fill size */
bool m_transcode;
bool m_rawPassthrough;
StreamList m_newStreams, m_streams, m_playingStreams;
SoundList m_sounds;
SoundStateList m_playing_sounds;
int m_soundMode;
bool m_streamsPlaying;
/* this will contain either float, or uint8_t depending on if we are in raw mode or not */
CAEBuffer m_buffer;
/* the encoder */
IAEEncoder *m_encoder;
CAEBuffer m_encodedBuffer;
/* the output conversion buffer */
uint8_t *m_converted;
size_t m_convertedSize;
void AllocateConvIfNeeded(size_t convertedSize, bool prezero = false);
/* thread run stages */
/*! \brief Mix UI sounds into the current stream.
\param buffer the buffer to mix into.
\param samples the number of samples in the buffer.
\return the number of sounds mixed into the buffer.
unsigned int MixSounds (float *buffer, unsigned int samples);
/*! \brief Finalize samples ready for sending to the output device.
Mixes in any UI sounds, applies volume adjustment, and clamps to [-1,1].
\param buffer the audio data.
\param samples the number of samples in the buffer.
\param hasAudio whether we have audio from a stream (true) or silence (false)
\return true if we have audio to output, false if we have only silence.
bool FinalizeSamples (float *buffer, unsigned int samples, bool hasAudio);
CSoftAEStream *m_masterStream;
/*! \brief Run the output stage on the audio.
Prepares streamed data, mixes in any UI sounds, converts to a format suitable
for the sink, then outputs to the sink.
\param hasAudio whether or not we have audio (true) or silence (false).
\return the number of samples sent to the sink.
int (CSoftAE::*m_outputStageFn)(bool);
int RunOutputStage (bool hasAudio);
int RunRawOutputStage(bool hasAudio);
int RunTranscodeStage(bool hasAudio);
unsigned int (CSoftAE::*m_streamStageFn)(unsigned int channelCount, void *out, bool &restart);
unsigned int RunRawStreamStage (unsigned int channelCount, void *out, bool &restart);
unsigned int RunStreamStage (unsigned int channelCount, void *out, bool &restart);
void ResumeSlaveStreams(const StreamList &streams);
void RunNormalizeStage (unsigned int channelCount, void *out, unsigned int mixed);
void RemoveStream(StreamList &streams, CSoftAEStream *stream);
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