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Kupfer process will stop if loading from background #5

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The commit ad9a064 introduces an regression that, when loading kupfer from background, say, loading from a desktop file, the process stops.

This is because interactive bash processes could not be run in background. You should prefix the command with 'setsid' to fix.


I start Kupfer from the openbox autostart file and am hit by this bug. This workaround works well, thank you!

ikn commented

Wait, if a background process (a process without a controlling terminal, I guess) runs 'bash -i', the parent process (of the 'bash -i' process) dies? Or am I misunderstanding this?

And how does setsid work? If I do setsid bash -i & (or setsid bash -c "bash -i" &), I get some strange errors and the process I started dies.


It stops during launching, that is, you must call fg to let it go on.

Run bash -i -c ls and fg for test, also setsid bash -i -c ls.

ikn commented

Ah, I still get the weird error messages, but it does work. Thanks for clarifying.


I don't see this problem in any of my environments.
Anyway I added setsid in ee5dcb2.

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