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Last Will plugin for Electron Cash

Warning: Don't use with hardware wallets!



Last Will plugin is made for creation and management of the Last Will smart contract directly from a desktop Electron Cash.


  • Made on BCH chain,
  • Security level of cold storage,
  • Noncustodial,
  • Permission-less,
  • Implements a dead man's switch with a 6 months will trigger,
  • If you don't refresh your Last Will contract for 6 months, funds become available for your inheritor,
  • One-click refreshing from a hot wallet,
  • Refreshing wallet can't access your funds,
  • You can always access your funds from a cold wallet.

Contract description

Last Will smart contract uses the first working implementation of looping transactions 1 2 for refreshing the contract.

Smart contract basics

The contract is defined by a special address that is cryptographically determined by the contract itself. Learn more. Funds are "in the contract" when they are sent to this special address.

A contract consists of challenges, requirements that have to be met to access the funds stored in it.

The Last Will contract

There are three challenges for the Last Will contract. Pseudo-code below shows the idea behind the smart contract:

contract LastWill()
    challenge refresh()
        verify if the transaction 
        was signed by the creators refreshing wallet
        verify if the transaction 
        send all funds from the contract address
        back to the same contract address
    challenge cold()
        verify if the transaction 
        was signed by the creators cold wallet
    challenge inheritor()
        verify if the transaction 
        was signed by the inheritors wallet

        verify if 6 months have passed 
        since the funds were sent to the contract

refreshing challenge sends funds from the contract back to the contract, effectively resetting the timer that inheritor challenge measures.

inheritor challenge lets your inheritor collect the money from the contract when the money age reaches 6 months.

cold challenge lets you spend your funds any time you like.

Contract security model relies on the certainty that the refreshing wallet can do you no harm, even if it's private key is stolen. Refreshing the contract is relatively frequent activity therefore it should not bring any risk. Even if you find yourself on the run, and the only computer available in an old pc in an algierian library, you should be able to send your contract a message "I'm still alive" safely and irrepressibly, without any risk of losing funds due to that.

If your refreshing wallet get stolen, the only thing that the attacker can do is to refresh your contract, reset your timer. You can then end the contract from your cold wallet and create another one, with the different refreshing wallet. If you die with your refreshing key stolen, funds are not stolen. Your inheritor might never get the inheritance. So the actual worse case scenario is an expected result of simply not using the Last Will contract at all (see Quadriga exchange story) or using the conventional, custodial and trusted last will and testament solutions.

Smart contract is not a standard transaction. To see it with your wallet you need the plugin.

Full code of the contract written with spedn language can be found here

Refresh lock

There is a lock for refreshing, you can't do it for the first 7 days after creation or refreshing of the contract, so that no one, who have stolen your refreshing wallet can drain your funds to transaction fees by refreshing it a million times, over and over.

Installing the plugin

First, download and verify the file from relesases. Then go to your Electron Cash and install the plugin. install add The plugin will appear as one of the tabs.

Creating a Last Will contract

In the plugin tab you will see three buttons. intro

Click Create Last Will contract to create a new contract. Fill the fields.


After pressing create button you will see a pop-up asking for confirmation. If you confirm will make an initial transaction, that sends dust to your cold wallet, inheritors wallet and refreshing wallet, has a contract address and contract version in OP_RETURN output and sends the amount you have chosen to the contract address. Your contract is now created

Licho Notification Service (Inactive)

The creator of this software Karol Trzeszczkowski (Licho) provides an optional e-mail notification service, that you can order through the plugin.

6 months is quite a long period of time, it's possible to forget about refreshing your contract. To solve this problem Licho offers the notification service. For a small fee Licho will send you an e-mail reminder a week before your contract expiry date.

The notification service is also a solution to the issue, that a wallet without the plugin installed can't see the contract. This means that your inheritor won't know about the contract unless they checked. When you pass away and your contract expire, Licho may let your inheritor know about the Last Will contract waiting to be claimed.

If you decide to order an e-mail notification, a transaction will be created. It will be of the value of the fee for the services and it will have an encrypted email address attached as the OP_RETURN data. For the inheritor notification, an encrypted e-mail and the contract address will be attached.

Refreshing the contract

From your refreshing wallet, in the Last Will tab click Find existing Last Will contract. You'll see your contract information and and an option to setup a notification service for the next refreshing period.


Click on Refresh button and you will see a refresh transaction window. Broadcasting it will inform your contract that you are alive and postpone execution of your will for the next six months.

Ending the contract

From your "watch only" wallet, in the Last Will tab click Find existing Last Will contract. You will see an option to export your contract information. (Every refreshing obsoletes the exported information so make sure you have a fresh info file for the next step.)


Then, go to your cold storage, install the plugin and Load Last Will contract info. You'll see the same contract management tab as after clicking Find existing Last Will contract but without the need to be connected to the internet. Now you can click End contract and save the transaction. Save it and take to a computer connected to the internet. in Electron Cash window click Tools>Load Transaction, load and broadcast the transaction generated on your cold machine.


If you are inheritor and you suspect you've inherited Bitcoin Cash with the Last Will contract, you need to install the plugin in your Electron Cash, click Find existing Last Will contract and click Inherit. A transaction window, that will send the money from the contract to your address will appear.


After broadcasting the transaction to the network, money should appear in your wallet. If you get an error while trying to broadcast the transaction, you probably have to wait some time for the contract to expire, as the time


The author of this software is not a party to a Last Will contract, have no control over it and cannot influence it's outcome. The author is not responsible for legal implications of the Last Will contract nor is competent to settle any disputes. The author is not responsible for the contract expected behavior.


This software is distributed on GPL v3 license. The author encourage you to build your own smart contract plugins based on Last Will plugin code, implement desired functions and submit a pull request to this repository or fork this project and compete, if I fail to deliver what you expect. Just remember to publish your improvements on the same license.

Special thanks

I want to thank Mark Lundeberg for solving the vast majority of my problems. I would never get this to work if he wasn't there to help me. I based on his work a lot. The Last Will plugin is a ship of theseus3 coinsplitter that I modified until it stopped to quack like a duck.4

I also want to thank to Pein_Sama for help with spedn and his famous article.

I also want to credit Tobias Ruck for his idea of looping transactions.

Covenants were invented Malte M ̈oser et al. whitepaper


I created a contract with the plugin version < 0.3 and I can't see it.

Please go here

Contact the author

With any problems contact me on telegram: @licho92karol, reddit: u/Licho92 e-mail: If you wish to contact me via Signal or whatsapp, ask for my phone number via any of this channels.


If you wish to support development of the Licho Last Will plugin, consider donating to the following addresses:

Cash Account: Licho#14431


Legacy format: 121dPy31QTsxAYUyGRbwEmW2c1hyZy1Xnz



A plugin for creating and managing the Last Will smart contract on Bitcoin Cash blockchain







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