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from .utils import generate_id, iter_to_string
import random
class Token(object):
def __init__(self,contents=None):
self._dict = dict()
if contents:
for key,value in contents.items():
def __setitem__(self,key,value):
self._dict[key] = value
return self
def __getitem__(self,key):
return self._dict[key]
def __str__(self):
type1 = self.get_type()
return type1 + ':' + str(self._dict)
def __contains__(self,key):
return key in self._dict
def merge(self,token):
# merge if and only if
# shared keys have the same values
# non-shared keys all have unique values
common_keys = set(self.keys()) & set(token.keys())
new_keys = set(token.keys()) - common_keys
for key in common_keys:
if self[key] != token[key]:
return None
for key in new_keys:
if token[key] in self.values():
return None
newtoken = new_token(self)
for key in new_keys:
newtoken[key] = token[key]
return newtoken
def items(self): return self._dict.items()
def keys(self): return self._dict.keys()
def values(self): return self._dict.values()
def subset(self,keys):
return {k:self[k] for k in keys if k in self._dict}
def get_subtoken(self,keys):
return self.__class__(self.subset(keys))
def get_type(self): return None
class AddToken(Token):
def get_type(self): return 'add'
class RemoveToken(Token):
def get_type(self): return 'remove'
def new_token(token,invert=False,keymap=None,subsetkeys=None):
inv = { AddToken:RemoveToken, RemoveToken:AddToken }
d = token._dict
if subsetkeys is None:
subsetkeys = token.keys()
if keymap:
d = {keymap[x]:y for x,y in token.items() if x in subsetkeys}
d = {x:y for x,y in token.items() if x in subsetkeys}
_class = None
if not invert:
_class = token.__class__
_class = inv[token.__class__]
return _class(d)
class TokenRegister(object):
def __init__(self):
self._dict = dict()
self._set = set()
def __str__(self):
return iter_to_string(self._set)
def __len__(self):
return len(self._set)
def __iter__(self):
return iter(self._set)
def register(self,key,value,token):
t = tuple([key,value])
if t not in self._dict:
self._dict[t] = set()
return self
def deregister(self,key,value,token):
t = tuple([key,value])
if t in self._dict:
if len(self._dict[t])==0:
del self._dict[t]
return self
def add_token(self,token):
for key,value in token.items():
return self
def remove_token(self,token):
if token in self._set:
for (key,value) in token.items():
return self
def getkv(self,key,value):
t = tuple([key,value])
if t in self._dict:
return self._dict[tuple([key,value])]
return set()
def filter(self,token):
return set.intersection(*(self.getkv(key,value) for key, value in token.items()))
def get(self,token):
f = self.filter(token)
assert 0 <= len(f) <=1
if len(f)==1:
return f.pop()
return None
def select_random(self,n=1):
return random.sample(self._set,n)
def token_add_node(node):
attrlist = node.get_nonempty_scalar_attributes(ignore_id=True)
return AddToken({'node':node,'modified_attrs':tuple(attrlist)})
def token_edit_attrs(node,attrlist):
attrtuples = [(attr,getattr(node,attr)) for attr in attrlist]
return AddToken({'node':node,'modified_attrs':tuple(attrlist)})
def token_remove_node(node):
return RemoveToken({'node':node})
def flip_edge_correctly(node1,attr1,attr2,node2):
as_is = (attr1 <= attr2) or (attr1==attr2 and<
if not as_is:
return node2,attr2,attr1,node1
return node1,attr1,attr2,node2
def token_add_edge(node1,attr1,attr2,node2):
node1,attr1,attr2,node2 = flip_edge_correctly(node1,attr1,attr2,node2)
return AddToken({'node1':node1,'attr1':attr1,'attr2':attr2,'node2':node2})
def token_remove_edge(node1,attr1,attr2,node2):
node1,attr1,attr2,node2 = flip_edge_correctly(node1,attr1,attr2,node2)
return RemoveToken({'node1':node1,'attr1':attr1,'attr2':attr2,'node2':node2})
def token_add_null_edge(node1,attr1):
attr2 = node1.attribute_properties[attr1]['related_attr']
node2 = None
node1,attr1,attr2,node2 = flip_edge_correctly(node1,attr1,attr2,node2)
return AddNullToken({'node1':node1,'attr1':attr1,'attr2':attr2,'node2':node2})
def token_remove_null_edge(node1,attr1):
attr2 = node1.attribute_properties[attr1]['related_attr']
node2 = None
node1,attr1,attr2,node2 = flip_edge_correctly(node1,attr1,attr2,node2)
return RemoveNullToken({'node1':node1,'attr1':attr1,'attr2':attr2,'node2':node2})