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:Author: John Sekar <>
:Date: 2017-12-13
:Copyright: 2017, Karr Lab
:License: MIT
from . import rete_nodes as rn
from . import chem, utils
from obj_model import core
import Bio.Seq
import Bio.Alphabet
class SequenceMolecule(chem.Molecule):
""" Generic SequenceMolecule (template for DNA, RNA, protein sequence objects) """
sequence =
alphabet_dict = { 'strict': None, 'permissive': None }
use_permissive_alphabet = True
alphabet = None
# Static methods
def resolve_start_end_length(start=None,end=None,length=None):
if all([end is None,start is None,length is not None]):
end = length
if all([end is None,start is not None,length is not None]):
end = start + length
return (start,end)
# Setters
def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):
self.use_permissive_alphabet = True if kwargs.pop('use_permissive_alphabet',True) else False
def load_alphabet(self,permissive=True):
self.alphabet = self.alphabet_dict['permissive'] if permissive else self.alphabet_dict['strict']
return self
def set_sequence(self, init_str = ''):
if isinstance(init_str,Bio.Seq.Seq):
init_str = str(init_str)
self.sequence = Bio.Seq.Seq(init_str.upper(),self.alphabet)
return self
def replace_sequence(self,start=None,end=None,length=None,sequence=''):
(start,end) = self.resolve_start_end_length(start,end,length)
self.sequence = self.sequence[:start] + Bio.Seq.Seq(sequence.upper(),self.alphabet) + self.sequence[end:]
return self
def delete_sequence(self,start=None,end=None,length=None):
return self
def insert_sequence(self,start=None,sequence=''):
return self
# Getters
def get_alphabet(self,as_string=False):
if as_string:
return self.alphabet.letters
return self.alphabet
def get_sequence(self,start=None,end=None,length=None,as_string=False):
(start,end) = self.resolve_start_end_length(start,end,length)
if as_string:
return str(self.sequence[start:end])
return self.sequence[start:end]
def get_sequence_length(self,start=None,end=None):
return len(self.sequence[start:end])
# Validators
def verify_sequence(self,start=None,end=None,length=None):
sequence = self.get_sequence(start=start,end=end,length=length)
invalid_chars = ''.join(sorted(list(set(sequence) - set(self.alphabet.letters))))
if len(invalid_chars) > 0:
raise utils.SeqError('Invalid characters found: ' + invalid_chars)
def verify_location(self,start=None,end=None):
L = self.get_sequence_length()
if not 0 <= start <= end <= L:
raise utils.SeqError('Start/end must be in range [0,L], where L is sequence length.')
class SequenceFeature(chem.Site):
''' Simple sequence feature with position index and length.
If parent molecule is .A.T.C.G.A.T.,
feature with start=0,end=0 has sequence ''
feature with start=0,end=1 has sequence 'A'
feature with start=0,end=6 has sequence 'ATCGAT'
feature with start=5,end=6 has sequence 'T'
feature with start=6,end=0 has sequence ''
start = core.IntegerAttribute(default=None,min=0)
end = core.IntegerAttribute(default=None,min=0)
# Setters
def set_location(self,start=None,end=None,length=None):
if end is None:
end = start + length
self.start = start
self.end = end
return self
# Getters
def get_start(self):
return self.start
def get_end(self):
return self.end
def get_length(self):
return self.end - self.start
def get_location(self):
return dict(start=self.start,end=self.end)