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:Author: Jonathan Karr <>
:Date: 2018-08-03
:Copyright: 2018, Karr Lab
:License: MIT
import abduct
import importlib
import os
import quilt
quilt._DEV_MODE = True
except ModuleNotFoundError: # pragma: no cover
quilt = None # pragma: no cover
import re
import requests
import wc_utils.config
import yaml
class QuiltManager(object):
""" Manages uploading and downloading of a Quilt package
path (:obj:`str`): local path to save package or buit package from
package (:obj:`str`): identifier of the Quilt package
owner (:obj:`str`): identifier of the owner of the Quilt package
token (:obj:`str`): authentication token for Quilt
verbose (:obj:`bool`): if :obj:`True`, display Quilt status
# TODO: support Quilt teams
def __init__(self, path, package, owner=None, token=None, verbose=None):
path (:obj:`str`): local path to export package or buit package from
package (:obj:`str`): identifier of the Quilt package
owner (:obj:`str`, optional): identifier of the owner of the Quilt package
token (:obj:`str`, optional): authentication token for Quilt
verbose (:obj:`bool`, optional): if :obj:`True`, display Quilt status
:obj:`ModuleNotFoundError`: if Quilt is not installed
# check that Quilt is installed
if not quilt:
raise ModuleNotFoundError('Quilt must be installed. Run `pip install quilt`') # pragma: no cover
# initialize manager
config = wc_utils.config.get_config()['wc_utils']['quilt']
self.path = path
self.package = package
self.owner = owner or config['owner']
self.token = token or config['token']
self.verbose = verbose or config['verbose']
def upload(self):
""" Build and upload Quilt package """
if not self.token:
raise ValueError('Quilt token must be set')
# generate config
config = self.gen_package_build_config()
# save config file
config_filename = os.path.join(self.path, 'build.yml')
with open(config_filename, 'w') as file:
yaml.dump(config, file, default_flow_style=False)
# build and push package
with abduct.captured(abduct.out(tee=self.verbose)):, config_filename)
quilt.push(self.get_owner_package(), is_public=True, is_team=False)
# correct file permissions of Quilt package
quilt_cache = os.path.expanduser(os.path.join('~', '.local', 'share', 'QuiltCli', 'quilt_packages', 'objs'))
for filename in os.listdir(quilt_cache):
os.chmod(os.path.join(quilt_cache, filename), 0o664)
def download(self, system_path=None, sym_links=False):
""" Download Quilt package or, optionally, a single path within the package
system_path (:obj:`str`, optional): if provided, download a specific path
within the package (e.g. `subdir/subsubdir/filename.ext`) rather
than downloading the entire package
sym_links (:obj:`bool`, optional): if :obj:`True`, export files as symbolic links
:obj:`ValueError`: if a specific file is requested, but there is no
file with the same path within the package
if not self.token:
raise ValueError('Quilt token must be set')
pkg_name = self.get_owner_package()
if system_path:
pkg_path = self.get_package_path(system_path)
if pkg_path is None:
raise ValueError('{} does not contain a file with the path `{}`'.format(
pkg_name, system_path))
pkg_name_path = pkg_name + '/' + pkg_path
pkg_name_path = pkg_name
with abduct.captured(abduct.out(tee=self.verbose)):
quilt.install(pkg_name_path, force=True, meta_only=False)
quilt.export(pkg_name_path, output_path=self.path,
force=True, symlinks=sym_links)
def get_package_path(self, system_path):
""" Get the path for a file or directory within the Quilt package
system_path (:obj:`str`): path to file or directory
:obj:`str`: corresponding path within Quilt package to file or directory
system_path = re.sub('/+$', '', system_path)
pkg_name = self.get_owner_package()
with abduct.captured(abduct.out(tee=self.verbose)):
quilt.install(pkg_name, force=True, meta_only=True)
pkg = importlib.import_module('' + pkg_name.replace('/', '.'))
nodes_to_visit = [((), pkg)]
while nodes_to_visit:
parent_pkg_path, parent = nodes_to_visit.pop()
for child_name, child in parent._items():
if isinstance(child, quilt.nodes.DataNode):
if child._meta['_system']['filepath'].startswith(system_path + '/'):
n_parts = system_path.count('/') + 1
pkg_path = list(parent_pkg_path) + [child_name]
return '/'.join(pkg_path[0:n_parts])
elif child._meta['_system']['filepath'] == system_path:
return '/'.join(list(parent_pkg_path) + [child_name])
elif isinstance(child, quilt.nodes.GroupNode):
tuple(list(parent_pkg_path) + [child_name]),
return None
def gen_package_build_config(self):
""" Generate the build configuration for a package
* Force Quilt to retain Excel formatting by setting the transform of all `.xls` and `.xlsx` files to `id`
:obj:`dict`: package build configuration
:obj:`ValueError`: if Quilt node names will not be unique or there a directory is empty
config = {}
contents = config['contents'] = {}
dir_node_names = {}
for abs_dirname, subdirnames, filenames in os.walk(self.path):
rel_dirname = os.path.relpath(abs_dirname, self.path)
dir_contents = contents
if rel_dirname != '.':
for sub_dirname in rel_dirname.split(os.sep):
node_name = re.sub('[^a-z0-9_]', self._unique_node_name_replace_func, sub_dirname, flags=re.IGNORECASE)
if node_name not in dir_contents:
dir_contents[node_name] = {}
dir_contents = dir_contents[node_name]
if node_name in dir_node_names and dir_node_names[node_name] != sub_dirname:
raise ValueError('Directory node name "{}" is not unique'.format(sub_dirname))
dir_node_names[node_name] = sub_dirname
if not subdirnames and not filenames:
raise ValueError('Quilt does not support empty directories: {}'.format(rel_dirname))
for filename in filenames:
if rel_dirname == '.':
full_filename = filename
full_filename = os.path.join(rel_dirname, filename)
node_name = re.sub('[^a-z0-9_]', self._unique_node_name_replace_func, filename, flags=re.IGNORECASE)
if node_name in dir_contents:
raise ValueError('File node name "{}" is not unique'.format(node_name))
dir_contents[node_name] = {
'file': full_filename,
basename, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
if ext in ['.csv', '.ssv', '.tsv']:
dir_contents[node_name]['transform'] = ext[1:]
elif ext != '.md':
dir_contents[node_name]['transform'] = 'id'
return config
def _unique_node_name_replace_func(match):
match (:obj:`re.MatchObject`): regular expression match to a non-alphanumeric character
that can't be contained in the name of a Quilt node
:obj:`str`: encoded character for substitution into the name of the Quilt node
return '__' + str(ord( + '__'
def get_owner_package(self):
""" Get the full identifier (owner/package) of the Quilt package
:obj:`str`: full identifier of the Quilt package
return '{}/{}'.format(self.owner, self.package)
def get_token(self, config=None):
""" Get token
config (:obj:`dict`, optional): configuration
:obj:`str`: authentication token for Quilt user
config = config or wc_utils.config.get_config()
config = config.get('wc_utils', {}).get('quilt', {})
if not config.get('username', None):
raise ValueError('Username must be set')
if not config.get('password', None):
raise ValueError('Password must be set')
endpoint = ''
result = + '/login', json={
'username': config['username'],
'password': config['password'],
self.token = result.json()['token']
return self.token
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