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Howto create translation

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There is more resources in application that needs translations. The main application UI and server resources (country list of downloadable maps).

Application UI

There are two ways howto translate UI, via transifex service or via Github merge request.


Just open this link: and translate unfinished phrases for your language. When you are finish, it is a good idea to create Github issue, author needs to pull Transifex translations into git repository manually.

When Your language is not in list, just create Github issue. Author will create new language resource.

Github merge request

First, you need some tools for work. Example for Ubuntu 17.10:

sudo apt-get install \

Open resource file for your language in Qt Linguist:

linguist translations/<language>.ts

Translate phrases, save file and create Github merge request with changes.

When your language is missing

Simplest way is create Github issue and wait for author for creating resources for new language.

Or you can proactively create it and prepare merge request. Just create your fork of repository, copy source translations/en.ts to new file for our language:

cp translations/en.ts translations/<language>.ts

Translate all phrases to your language via linguist tool, and add your translation file to TRANSLATION_TS_FILES list in CMakeLists.txt, commit & push all changes to your GitHub fork. As a final step create merge request on GitHub.

Localise country list in map downloader

Localised country list is provided by download server (application is sending current locale as part of list request). When you want to provide localised list of countries, create merge request with updates for l10n table :

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