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Shopping Lists

A small web application to manage shopping lists. Very simple, file-based, quick to use even from a mobile device or tablet.


  • Copy to and setup parameters inside it according to your preferences
  • To create a new list you must manually create an empty txt file inside your configured data folder
  • To edit a list, just click it from the lists view
  • Once viewing items, click/tap them one or more times to change their state to:
    • Grey: No need to buy right now ("inactive")
    • Orange: Need to buy ("wanted")
    • Red: Important to buy ("highly wanted")
    • Black: Remove from list. Will dissapear upon changing list or reloading, except if you tap and change its state again
  • You can also create new items from the item view at the bottom, just fill the textbox with the item name and press the + button.


And that's all... It was coded in an afternoon (originally in C#/ASP.NET) and then added more states based on feedback, but as of now I have no plans to further improve it.

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