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import json
from time import time
from typing import (Any, Dict, Tuple)
def check_rate_limit(
max_tokens: int, time_window: int, token_bucket: float, last_check_timestamp: float, time: Any = time
) -> Tuple[float, float, bool]:
Token bucket algorithm implementation as rate limit.
Allows up to `max_tokens` each `time_window` seconds.
Upon each call will calculate time past since last call and add tokens to the bucket before checkint the limit.
Note that bucket works with decimal tokens, as you usually get a fraction of a token if calling multiple
times fast.
e.g. if max_tokens = 10 and time_window = 300, you have 10 tokens in 5 minutes / 300 seconds, and will add/generate
a "full" token each 30 seconds.
Should provide predefined values for `max_tokens` and `time_window`, and just containers for `token_bucket` and
Based on: &
max_tokens_float = float(max_tokens)
current_timestamp = time()
time_passed = current_timestamp - last_check_timestamp
# 1st call will generate a huge tokens increment, and waiting long would also create many tokens
increment = time_passed * (max_tokens_float / float(time_window))
token_bucket += increment
# so cap at maximum allowed
if token_bucket > max_tokens_float:
token_bucket = max_tokens_float
if token_bucket < 1.0:
can_pass = False
can_pass = True
token_bucket -= 1.0
return (token_bucket, current_timestamp, can_pass)
def platforms_json_fetch_to_file(json_data: Dict, source_id: str, offset: int) -> None:
filename = "platforms_{}_{}_{}.json".format(source_id, offset, int(time()))
with open(filename, "w") as file:
file.write(json.dumps(json_data, indent=2))
def games_json_fetch_to_file(json_data: Dict, source_id: str, platform_id: int, offset: int) -> None:
filename = "games_{}_{}_{}_{}.json".format(source_id, platform_id, offset, int(time()))
with open(filename, "w") as file:
file.write(json.dumps(json_data, indent=2))
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