Allows developers an easier time with input, and users configurable controls.
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###GMInput Controlling Game Maker Input how you want.

####Versatile. Configurable. Free. As developers we want to keep our code as neat and efficient as possible. We also want to give our users the ability to customize how they interact with the game to their liking. GMInput strive to be the solution to both these problems for Game Maker: Studio developers.

####What is GMInput? Writing input in code can take a decent chunk of time and code. Wouldn't it be better if you could just say input_check_button("up") than checking the two keys on your keyboard, and then for the controller as well?

GMInput manages for Input for keyboards and controllers.

While the GMInput is great for helping developers in creating neater internal code. Its best feature is allowing the user to map different to already assigned functions. This is then saved so that the next time the user plays they will be able to have their customized inputs ready and waiting for them.

####What's new in GMInput? GMInput is new and still in Alpha. Everything is new and freshly coded. I started coding it when I wanted to give the users of my game the option to enter configurable input and realized that the input system in GM was lacking in certain aspects. I was certain other GM developers must have had to deal with, or are likely to. I thought it would be best if I just created a resource that I could reuse for all projects, and hoped that it would be useful to other developers if I shared it.

####Why is GMInput free? GMInput is made to make developers lives easier. GM is a great tool for people just starting out or those who have been making games for a while.

By creating a tool that is free and open source it will allow as many people to use it and benefit from it as possible, and hopefully makes making that first big game all that much easier.

####What's still to come? Game Maker unfortunately doesn't let you import one project into another. This means that importing GMInput into an existing project is a very large pain in the arse. I'm busy working on a tool that will let you import one GM project into another so people wanting to use GMInput can easily add it to existing projects.

After the integration system I'm going to working on bringing GMInput into beta with refining the UX/UI of the system.