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Commits on May 10, 2011
  1. John Resig

    Tagging the 1.6.1rc1 release.

    jeresig authored
  2. John Resig

    Updating QUnit.

    jeresig authored
  3. John Resig

    Updating Sizzle.

    jeresig authored
  4. John Resig

    More formatting tweaking.

    jeresig authored
  5. John Resig
  6. John Resig

    Update sizzle.

    jeresig authored
  7. Update QUnit

    timmywil authored
  8. John Resig

    Fix tabs in delegate test.

    jeresig authored
  9. John Resig

    Make sure that data properties with hyphens are always accessed/set u…

    jeresig authored
    …sing camelCase. Fixes #9124.
  10. John Resig

    Make sure that mouseenter/mouseleave fire on the correct element when…

    jeresig authored
    … doing delegation. Fixes #9069.
  11. John Resig

    Landing pull request 374. .animate() Callbacks should fire in correct…

    louisremi authored jeresig committed
    … order (unit test included). Fixes #9100.
    More Details:
     - jquery#374
  12. Sahab Yazdani John Resig
  13. Julian Aubourg

    Adds unit/support.js to unit tests. Still have to test for #8763 has …

    jaubourg authored
    …to be done in its own file however, since Firefox refuses to notify global errors in the iframe (attachEvent, window.onerror and script.onerror all fail).
  14. oops console

    louisremi authored
  15. Add fallback to prop for the window and document. Switch value to use…

    timmywil authored
    … the property instead of the attribute for back compat.
Commits on May 9, 2011
  1. oops unit test

    louisremi authored
  2. Julian Aubourg

    Fixes #9104. Returning null or undefined in a pipe callback shouldn't…

    jaubourg authored
    … end up throwing an exception. Silly, silly, me.
  3. Julian Aubourg

    Fixes #9109. When jQuery is loaded in the body, then the fake body el…

    jaubourg authored
    …ement used in support has to be inserted before the document's body for boxModel to be properly detected (got the hint by looking at the code in jQuery mobile). Test page added so that we can keep checking this.
Commits on May 8, 2011
  1. Call extend on prop to avoid changing original properties so that per…

    timmywil authored
    …-property easing is not lost in multiple animations with the same props
  2. Set val before hide/show check and fix easing setting; also update at…

    timmywil authored
    …tributes test for autofocus
    - The object passed should not change so it can be used in future animates, updated src and tests accordingly.
Commits on May 7, 2011
  1. Daniel Pihlstrom

    Fix per-property easing. Fixes #9067

    sciolist authored timmywil committed
  2. Corey Frang

    Landing pull request 372. Test for numeric properties was using wrong…

    gnarf authored timmywil committed
    … variable. Fixes #9074.
    More Details:
     - jquery#372
  3. Reduce the boolean list only to those that have corresponding IDLs th…

    timmywil authored
    …at don't require being added to propFix; only set the IDL if it exists
    - See for how boolean attributes are handled in every browser.
  4. Global found in valHook for select(get)

    timmywil authored
Commits on May 6, 2011
  1. Global found in dataAttr function

    timmywil authored
  2. Check empty string instead of specified as specified is inconsistent …

    timmywil authored
    …on the name attribute. Fixes #9148.
  3. Reduce boolean attribute list to only content attributes

    timmywil authored
    - Removed IDL-only boolean attributes as well as officially deprecated attributes that we've not supported before
Commits on May 5, 2011
  1. Add support for the contenteditable attribute

    timmywil authored
  2. Construct boolHook and rboolean regex to deal with boolean attributes…

    timmywil authored
    …. Fixes #9129. Fixes #9123.
    - Construct regex for all attributes which are boolean attributes by specification.
      + This allows us to do what users expect with enumerated attributes and allows us to no longer complicate the issue.
      + People are just too confused with passing "true" instead of true when they should, so we won't have to worry about that anymore.
    - Modularize code for dealing with boolean attributes into a separate hook to keep attr short and fast.
Commits on May 4, 2011
  1. Set the property corresponding to a boolean attribute when setting to…

    timmywil authored
    … true. Fixes #9103.
    - Once boolean properties had been modified natively, setting the attribute no longer set the current value
  2. Run property names through propFix in removeProp

    timmywil authored
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