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A mIRC based IRC channel bot for role playing and more!

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ReiBot for mIRC 7.x


Reibot for mIRC will recieve no further updates. You should instead check out the Ruby version at - it has all the same functions and is under active development!

This version is still fully functional as of mIRC 7.27.

ReiBot is a mIRC-based IRC bot (but more accurately, a collection of scripts which, when combined, has bot-like behavior). Since mIRC provides a robust event handling system for everything from messages to socket connections, as well as a powerful scripting language, it is ideal for writing an automated IRC bot.

Current Features

  • Definitions system

A method to retrieve information based on triggers. For instance, if you want to save your channel rules to recall later, the conversation would look like:

<You> !learn Rules Don't whiz on the electric fence!
<ReiBot> *Profile Stored*
<You> ?? Rules
<ReiBot> Don't whiz on the electric fence!

ReiBot was originally written to store character profiles for a role playing channel - hence why the word Profile is used; but don't let this stop you from using it for whatever you want!

There is also a script included which can import definitions from Icel, an Eggdrop TCL script with a similar definitions system.

ReiBot uses mIRC's INI handler to manage the definitions file - We've tested it with more than 500 profiles and the system remains responsive. The format looks like:

[Profile Name]
1=First Line of the profile
2=Second line of the profile.. and so on
WhoSet=Nickname of who did the !learn
SetTime=Last updated datestamp in long format
  • Auto update system

This allows you to keep Reibot up to date with this git repo or any other. Simply invoke /startupdate from Reibot or just say "Rei, update yourself" in the channel. You can use your own git repo simply by changing what your origin/master points to. Needless to say, you must have git installed for this to work.

Planned Features

ReiBot is in active use by me, and therefore active development. Here's what's on my radar.

Priority 1 is probably going to be in the next release. Priority 5 will be done in my copious free time :)

  • SQLite Backend (Priority: -1)

For getting away from mIRC's dodgy INI-based "database" system.

  • A public commands system (Priority: 1)

For channel management, etc. If you can do it with private messages to ChanServ, you'll be able to do it in channel with a simple trigger. This system is going to be coded around Anope services intially (as that's what my home IRC network uses), but I hope to make it compatible with most services backends out there.

  • Remote Access (Priority: 3)

Remotely access files and perform actions on the host system.

  • Note system (Priority: 2)

  • Channel Games (Priority: 5)

  • Markov-chain chatterbot (Priority: Unlikely.)


  1. Grab the git repo, and extract it to a folder of your choice.
  2. Just add mIRC! (the exe, that is)
  3. (Important!) Edit the aliases file to change the bot's master control password BEFORE starting for the first time.

Special Thanks

I wouldn't be here without standing on the shoulders of giants:

  • Horst Schaeffer ( - Inifile, basically makes the update system work.
  • FiberOPtics ( - mIRC download script, used with the Icel importer
  • Reko Tiira ( - mIRC SQLite backend. Soon to be handling all the things. All of them.
  • All the folks on #deviant at - For much inspiration!
  • Leila - For many more great ideas, for keeping me going, for being more awesome than any one person has the right to be :)


Creative Commons License
ReiBot by Michael Parks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

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