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Evolution v1.6

A great theme for Chyrp!

Evolution is a port of the Piano Black Wordpress theme created by Mono-Lab. By editing the CSS of the original Stardust theme for Chyrp, I was able to get the theme looking very much the same to Piano Black. With my own little additions here and there :)


Installing a theme for Chyrp is very simple! All you have to do is:

  1. Download the theme for your version of Chyrp
  2. Upload the theme to the /themes/ directory
  3. Go to your Admin CP
  4. Go to Extend and then Themes
  5. Find Evolution and click Select
  6. Go to your website
  7. Enjoy! :)

Feedback and Support

If you have any issues with the theme at all, please let me know in the Issues section of the Github Repo right away! I will do my best to solve every last issue that's posted there. Also, if you have comments on how to improve this theme or you just wanna give feedback, please post that in the Issues section as well.


This theme is dually licensed uner the MIT and GPL licenses. While in the MIT license it does say you can sell this theme, please don't. Have a nice day!