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Codacy Badge Discord

This Sponge plugin also requires the BCLForge mod which is used to save the chunks and make them loaded.


  • BCLFore mod
  • A Mysql database


You can recieve support for using this plugin on my Discord Chat.

Known issues

the database is NOT compatible with the 1.7 version of this mod, since this is making the table readable instead of being bytes - Sorry

If you have any issues with it please make an issue.

The latest builds can be found on our CI server The latest version can right now be found under releases.


The base command is betterchunkloader (with the alias of bcl), this gives the general usage and what commands is avaliable.

Subcommand paramaters Permission Description
balance betterchunkloader.balance.own Get your balance of chunkloaders.
balance [User] betterchunkloader.balance.others Get your balance of another player
info get general information about chunk loaders on the server.
list betterchunkloader.list.own get a list of your chunk loaders with the coordinates.
list [User] betterchunkloader.list.others get a list of the users chunk loaders with the coordinates.
chunks [ add | set | remove ] [User] [Type] [Amount] betterchunkloader.chunks change a players amount of the different chunk loaders (personal or world)
delete [User] betterchunkloader.delete Remove the specified players chunk loaders.
purge betterchunkloader.purge Remove Chunk loaders in not existing worlds (eg. after removing a world)


An up to date version of the permissions can be found in /src/main/java/net/kaikk/mc/bcl/utils/


what is the difference between a personal loader and a world loader?

A personal loader is only active when the player is online while a world loader is loaded even when the player is offline) (how long after last login they should be active can be defined in the config

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