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Canonical Ember.js routing example
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Canonical Ember.js routing example

Around 5 months ago, I released my first example of how to use routing in Ember.js. Since then, lots of things have changed in the framework, all for the better in order to create more concise, clear code. For the same reason, my routing example needed a proper update.

This aptly named canonical routing example is designed to give you a simple, straight-forward idea of how Ember.js works with routes, controllers, and views. The example illustrates the power of the automagic contained in Ember.js - hence the lack of an App.Tab1Route and App.Tab3Route because these get created for you automatically - as well as handling events, extending views for DRY and readable code etc.

I have put up a live version of the example code. If you want to download it, a ZIP file is provided right here. As usual, the GitHub repository is available as well.

I sincerely hope you find this example useful. If at any time you need help getting started using Ember.js, just write me and I'll get back to you.

Kasper Tidemann

Kasper Tidemann

(This is a copy of the blog post titled ["Canonical Ember.js routing example, part 2"]( ""Canonical Ember.js routing example, part 2"") on

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