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This repository is a collection of software tools which are useful for clients of Katello. It supports errata and package profile reporting across a number of different rpm based platforms.


make install

With Docker

make docker-run

# In the container shell:
make install


Full test suites:

make test


./test/ # run all the tests
python -m unittest test.test_yum_plugins.test_enabled_repos_upload # run a specific test module
python -m unittest test.test_yum_plugins.test_enabled_repos_upload.TestSendEnabledReport.test_send # run a specific test

Optionally, work from the test's directory:

cd test/test_yum_plugins
python -m unittest test_enabled_repos_upload # run a specific test module
python -m unittest test_enabled_repos_upload.TestSendEnabledReport.test_send # run a specific test

With Docker

Full suite:

make docker-test # run test/ in a container and exit

Single tests:

make docker-run # open a bash shell in a container

# In the container shell:
make install
# use manual test commands above


Please, open your PR and join our community!

Issues tracked via Redmine.