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Task Diary Calendar Organizer

Here is a simple paper-based calendar organizer that you can customize and print for your own use. This is the latest version I'm using to track my target daily tasks, time usage, goals and notes. The diary components include:

Cover Sheet

This shows the time period covered by the organizer and lists the owner's contact info in case gasp it gets lost.

Goals Tracking The goals section provides a place to list all of the key goals I hope to reach during the quarter. There is a simplified version of Tim Ferriss' cool Dreamline calculator, but you can easily drop in a PDF of his original version too. (see link below.) There is also a basic diet tracking sheet for weight and measurement notations.

Daily Calendar Spreads

I use these calendar pages to plan and organize my day. Inspired by Neville Medhora's simple one-page to do and time tracking sheet, this version also includes space for reminders and daily notes in a two-page spread.


The notes section is inspired by Tim Ferriss' clever indexed Alpha Geek note-taking system. It provides an easy way to take notes and actually find them later. The template has a two-page index for identifying the content and 100 numbered pages for note-taking.

In my print version, I use a second notes section with 50-pages to keep a running master list of all my tasks organized by client and project. I'm a busy working mother so my "real" to do list usually runs to 12-15 pages and I rework it about once a month. I have way too many for one day's calendar page, but they all need to be captured to reach the "mind like water" state that David Allen's GTD practitioners strive to achieve. So I keep the ongoing master list in the back and just transfer the tasks I've selected for a specific day to the daily calendar page to do list.

Downloading the Files

Download printable PDFs of the individual components or a print-ready full set from the PDFs directory. Note that if you're printing the individual files, you may need to add blank pages in your compiled PDF file to ensure that the pages print on the correct side of the paper for double-sided printing. The layouts for the calendar pages are designed to be two-page spreads with the left side printed on the back of the previous day's right side page.

Use the InDesign and Excel files in the templates folder to customize the layouts, fonts, etc. to your own preferences.

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Task Diary Calendar Organizer by Katherine Chalmers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.