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Prepare Pokhara - Web Application Code Base

This repository contains all the front-end development code for the Prepare Pokhara project.

Once you have cloned the repo, please use the following commands from the root directory of the repo to host a local version of the app in your computer (please note that you need to have nodejs pre-installed for these commands to work.)

npm install

npm run start

Currently under development

The following is a checklist of the things that are done, and the activities that are pending. This list will be updated on amn ongoing basis:

  • Components and styling
    • Navigation Bar
    • Resusable Components
      • Reusable checkbox group (/components/Checkbox.js)
      • Reusable slider component (/components/Slider.js)
      • Reusable toggle component (/components/Toggle.js)
      • Reusable insights components (/components/Insight.js)
      • Reusable map component (/components/Maps.js)
      • Reusable C3 based vertical chart component
      • Reusable dropdown component (/components/Dropdown.js)
  • Application routing (/config/routes.js)
    • Home.js is the parent container, and routing for the following components has been achieved:
      • Hospitals Component (/components/Hospitals.js)
      • Banks Component (/components/Banks.js)
      • Schools Component (/components/Schools.js)
  • The following helpers and utils are currently in the pipeline:
    • API data fetching handlers (/utils/FetchData.js)
    • Popup text helpers (/utils/Popup.js)
    • Loading View Component (/utils/Checkbox.js)
    • Transparent updating data view component (/utils/Updating.js)