An implementation of the arcade game Frogger, built as part of the Udacity front-end web developer nanodegree
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Frogger - Part of Udacity's front end nano-degree

A classic arcade game built with object-orientated Javascipt.

I built this game to practice writing object-orientated javascript. app.js, the css and html is my own code, while resources.js and engine.js (apart from some tweaks) were provided by Udacity.

To play the game, simply click the link next to repo decription, or download the repo and open index.html in your browser. The game uses keyboard input, so users use keyboard arrows to move the player around the board, collecting points and avoinding enemies.

What I learned

Predominantly how to write clean, object-orientated javascript, and how to manipulate objects and their methods. Other learnings include adding Audio to a website, how to make css3/html5 only modals and incorporating twitter's share button with customisations

See Udacity's official rubric for this project:!/c-ud015/l-3072058665/m-3072588797