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An open source random collection of blocks and miscellaneous cool stuff

Current Version

v1.2.2 for Minecraft 1.6.x

For stable release downloads, click here.
For snapshot versions, check the Jenkins.

What does it contain?

In (mostly) chronological order:

  • A combination ladder and trapdoor, also known as the Jaded Ladder
  • A creative-only healer block that slowly replenishes your health and food when you stand on it.
  • A guide block to assist in various constructions
  • Colorable elevator blocks to quickly travel between floors
  • Light boxes to display your maps on the wall, ceiling or floor
  • Archery targets for a shooting range
  • Torch arrows! No longer implemented
  • Player graves, safekeeping for your last death (assuming you’re capable of regeneration)
  • Colored flags for various purposes
  • Liquid tanks-- portable, practical, and pliable any-size liquid containment
  • Hang gliders!
  • Random trophies that may or may not do odd things when right-clicked
  • Bear traps-- like venus fly traps, but snappier
  • Luggage, the traveling sentient chest
  • Sprinklers, to accelerate the growth of crops and other growables // m1.5.2, v1.0.3
  • Item cannons to shoot items around for transport
  • Vaccum hoppers-- like regular hoppers, but not limited to the top and sucks up XP. Compatible with BuildCraft!
  • Sonic goggles-- echolocation for Steves
  • Sponges for getting rid of liquids fast and effectively
  • The Redstone Configurable Pulse Lightweight Mega Touch Sensor, also known as the BIG BUTTON
  • Blocks drawn by pencils and crayons that are only seen by the imaginative eye
  • Fans-- the power of an industrial fan in the size of a desk fan
  • A wearable crane for picking up blocks and entities
  • XP Bottler-- should be self-explanatory
  • Magnet turtles-- turtles don't have CRT screens, so we should be fine
  • Village highlighter-- shows the village borders and where their golem guardians spawn
  • The Slimalizer, which detects slime chunks
  • Paths, an alternative to gravel roads // m1.6.x, v1.2.0
  • The Block Breaker and Block Placer are back! A perfect replacement for the now-dormant RedPower mod
  • XP Drain-- stand on one attached to a tank, and your XP will be drained and turned into a liquid state
  • The Auto Anvil and Auto Enchantment Table, imported fresh from OpenXP. Uses liquid XP to perform their function automatically.
  • The Sleeping Bag. Finally, a way to sleep on the go without resetting your spawn point!
  • The Rope Ladder—- a magic ladder that doesn’t need support to hold itself up and adjusts its own size to match the ground. Single use.
  • The Donation Station—- tells you which mod a block or item comes from, and lets you support the modder that created it
  • A painting/staining system for blocks, including: // m1.6.x, v.1.2.2
    • A Paint Mixer-- makes paint using dyes and milk. Millions of colors possible.
    • A paint brush to paint white canvases and other blocks.
    • Stencils that are made using the Drawing Table to paint specific areas of blocks
    • A Squeegee that liquefies paint to clean it off of blocks
  • Exciting graphics and much more to come.


We will try keep the building instructions as up-to-date as possible, but things may change without notice.


You will require msysgit or git installed with cygwin. Alternatively I would suggest installing GitHub for Windows and checking out the repo with that. You will also require Apache Ant. In Windows you will want to download the ant zip and extract the contents to somewhere like C:\Ant. Then add the bin folder inside ant to your environment path.

Check out the repo

Use Github for Windows or use a command prompt/powershell with git binaries in the Environment path. git clone

Change directory

cd OpenBlocks

Run ant build


The resulting file should be in the bin folder

Linux or OSX

Much the same as Windows, open a terminal window where you wish to checkout the repo and type git clone && cd OpenBlocks

In OSX, git is typically supplied. Otherwise it can be installed through the apps thingy that OSX has (Obviously I know very little about OSX but you want the dev tools stuff).

The linux git can be fetched from any package manager. If you're on a Debian based machine (This includes Ubuntu) you likely have aptitude, so the command would be sudo apt-get install git.

If you're running a RedHat based system, such as CentOS or Fedora (or some other Distro I've never heard of), then you might have the yum package manager sudo yum install git-core. In the case that this does not work through yum, you might not have the packages added to yum to be able to find git. I wont go in to these here, but if you have issues feel free to contact NeverCast in #OpenMods on

Then run ant

Ant can be downloaded from the same place as the Windows Ant, as it's just a Java application. I assume that if you're using Linux, you're proficient enough to work out how to get that working, and if you're developing under OSX I assume you can work it out as you're brave enough to be developing in OSX :P

Again feel free to come in to IRC for assistance.

Once you have ant, just run.


The mod jar will be in the bin folder after the completion of the build process.


Feel free to chat with us in #OpenMods on


OpenBlocks is open source, please check the Licence.txt for more information and the licences of individual components of this mod.


Random collection of blocks




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