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Antioch's Desktop Environment, KDE-lite
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Antioche's Desktop Environment

ADE is a desktop environment meant to be based around a resource lite 
QT4 arrangement. ADE's goal is to be able to run a feature intensive QT4 
desktop on various older computer systems.

ADE is not a Window Manager. ADE generally is to be ran ontop of another 
WM such as Openbox, Fluxbox, Metacity, Enlightenments' Window Manager, 
Compiz, KWin, etc. It should be noted that we do not currently plan to 
support Rat Poison. That would seem to be a form of lunacy in our regards.

ADE based on our definition of Desktop Environment is merely a set of 
software designed to run together and interact. Any such requirements to 
render and update windows are the job of the toolkits, WM and implementation
of the X11 server.

We are merely adding to the list of DE (~7..11) that are available and not 
the list of WM (>9000). This needs to be noted.

Since this will be done using QT4--most colour schemes/themes that use QT4 
type systems and ideas should work just fine with ADE.

Current planned components of ADE

ADE Navigation Panel:
The is where everything is grabbed and launched in ADE. It is the corner 
stone for this Desktop Environment, The ADE Navigation Panel prolly can 
be best thought of as several navigation panels. The main one allows you 
to grab a Navigation Panel based on files on various mediums in the computer.
Another allows you to open files based on the psuedo medium of your 
application menu. Another allows you to go to certain workspaces, and 
interact with various windows in those work spaces. Most DEs would end up 
having these as a menu of some form. This mostly just opens them up as a new 
taskbar or iconlist.

ADE Dynamic Workspaces
One of ADE's goals is to ease workspace management. Rather than having a 
specific set of Workspaces defined, ADE takes the idea that a Workspace is 
simply a group of similarly themed Applications. So Workspaces/Groups will 
be made on the fly. A user can take a Window and tell it that it is part of 
a new group of some name. When a group is empty, the group will be removed.

ADE File Browser
Sometimes, using the ADE Navigation Panel may not be the best manner to go 
through the files on the user's system. This provides an alternative.

ADE Web Browser
This is simply meant to be a lighter Web Browser for use with ADE. Making use 
of Webkit and some form of ECMAscript interpretor that has yet to be decided.
Tabs for ADE Web Browser will register themselves onto the ADE Navigation 
Panel if currently in ADE. Otherwise, it will simply note the tabs inside the 
ADE Window. ADE Web Browser will mostly take hints and ideas from the UI work 
in Chromium.

We may also allow for scripting to be available in ADE via Mono, the JVM and 

ADE Terminal

Not much planned here. Still trying to figure out this one for what we will 
be doing. We may simply just use Konsole until we can figure out something 

ADE Network Systems

ADE is capable of associating Network mediums with local mediums. Generally 
being setup to see a system accessible via SSH or FTP as looking like 
something that is local to the computer ADE is on. ADE will be set up to 
eventually be able to understand Gopher, Archie and Telnet based filesystems 
in the future.

ADE Mount Manager

ADE will also have a local mount manager that will handle mounting of any 
system that the local system has the knowledge to properly mount.

ADE Network Manager

ADE will also have a form of Network Manager. Most likely a port of the other 
forms of Network Managers.

ADE Software System

ADE will be able to make use of Yum and Apt based libraries. ADE will also 
have its own software distribution system for media to be used within ADE. We 
have no plans to replace either Yum or Apt at this time. At best, compliment 
them, in a manner similar to CPAN or GEM.

Note: ADE plans to have a future ability to keep track of software purchases 
using ADE.
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