A developmental Java Virtual Machine for use with Jerl 6, Lamia Browser and various other projects
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Virtual Girl is a development target for Jerl 6 applications, and potentially 
Jython 3 applications to target. Virtual Girl is meant to offer all the 
wonderful abilities of the JVM, minus the ability to read the Class file 

Virtual Girl is meant to be a completely customisable JVM, allowing Class 
Files to be scaled from five bit words, to 128 bit words.
Any of the limitations typically associated as being hardcoded into the
various JVMs will be done as completely variable.

This allows Virtual Girl to be as dominatingly strict to about as 
submissive as possible.

Virtual Girl is meant more to test an APP for issues, and then build a 
Classfile for the intended application.

The design is to create a general purpose "assembler/compiler" backend for
the JVM, that can allow other languages to use.

Current plans include having this targetted by Jerl6, Jython3, Timothy
and whatever other language tickles my fancy.

Virtual Girl has another purpose to be planned for. At the current state, it 
will not be able to read JAR files, however it is a mile stone that will need 
to appear. This will end up having Virtual Girl as a default JVM for Lamia