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Modular text based web browser
C Common Lisp
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NIMH Labs, Lamia Browser

Lamia is a text based browser, based on certain bits of the Hacked Links 

Lamia is designed to be light weight and excessively extendable. Mostly just 
using the Hacked Links code that allows for rendering to ncurses, framebuffer 
and X11. Also the code to handle network connectivity and various encodings.

Lamia will contain the ability to disable and enable various mechanisms for 
use in the browser while it is running. If a resource is taking up too much 
CPU power, a signal can be sent to disable it. Possibly from another terminal.
This is to say, the goal of Lamia is to be highly modular.

Lamia will work on a Client/Server model. The actual work for Lamia will be 
at the Lamia server. A Lamia client will be able to ask for the current 
rendered version of a page, or modify what page is being accessed. Lamia 
will _not_ do anything involving window decorations, or any of the actual 
X11 information.

Lamia will allow for a Client for framebuffer and ncurses however.
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