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MMORPG framework for a Mother clone
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MOFO Online

Based on the works by Shigesato Itoi

MOFO Online is a set of framework designed around an online MMORPG based on 
the concepts and ideas from the Mother series of games.

Designed to be highly extendable and portable, this is a 2D MMORPG engine.

Generally based around database checks and look ups, and simply sending 
placement information to the client. Generally only sending information 
that the client should be able to know. Input will be sent to the Mofo
Online Server, and be qualified.

Mofo Online will made use of Lua, ImageMagick, POSIX Sockets, SQLite3 and 
POSIX Threads for most of its abilities being used.

Other goals include being rather friendly on network activity and computer 

I mean, Mother 1 and Mother 2 ran on a system with less than 6MHz of 
processing power. Mother 3 ran on an underclocked ARM7 sytem. With decent 
coding techniques there is no reason that this should require any large 
ammount of resources to run.

The actual gameplay itself will not involved any form PKing, and be based 
on a more cooperative style of gameplay.
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