Pokemon Data Assistant ZX is a framework for working with Pokemon data
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Project: P*DA ZX -- Pokemon Data Assistant ZX
Current Maintainer: Katrina "the Lamia" Payne AKA Full Metal Harlot

Target starting date of work: Novembre 3rd 2009


WHY?!?!?! WHY?!?!? Why is everything centred around pokemon development 
complete and total tripe? Either it relies on some glitchy libraries that are 
no longer supported on their OSes (such as Pokemon Net Battle) or are written 
poorly in some horrid language that no sane game developer should be using in 
the first place (such as Java compiled to the JVM (as oppose to Java compiled 
to a target machine like ARM, ix86, ia64, etc || some sane looking language 
compiled into the JVM) or *shudder*--VB.Net)

This project is to create a platform independant framework of code, written in 
C++ (so that the source itself is platform independant--to make porting 
easier), that is sanely written to create applications that serve in the 
realm of Pokemon.

Such examples of these may be:
 * Team Builder Application
 * Pokedex Application
 * Evolution AI research on Pokemon strategies
 * PRNG help tools.
 * Battle simulators
 * Fan versions of the Pokemon games.
 * Possibly a Pokemon MMORPG of some sort

The idea would be to do decent code that is not subject to security issues on 
the merit of the code alone. The code should also be clean, consistant and 
fast--programmed in the manner that a Comp Sci Professor would do it, rather 
than a High School CS student (which a lot of Pokemon Apps tend to come 
across as looking like--including your stuff, Game Freak)


To keep issues from arising about Pokemon Intellectual Property, as we go 
through this project, we will largely be using our own Intellectual Property.
Pokemon itself is a Trademark of Nintendo of X Region. Though, the code we 
will use will be independantly implimented by us--using no actual Nintendo 
code. The artwork will be implimented by us, and the sounds and music will be 
made by us--or taken from public domain works.

Any copy entries in the application that appear, such as Pokedex text, will 
have their source listed in an easy to find manner.

This framework has no intention of hurting Pokemon sales, and will not attempt 
to claim to be an official work of Nintendo, or be in anyway a reflection of 
the thoughts and opinions of Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc or the 
Pokemon Company entities.

Any money made on this application, will pay for the work _we_ put into it, 
and generally will not have much of any intellectual property that we cannot 
use. In the case the Pokemon Trademark is displayed in the sales made with 
this framework, it will be only in instances where that use of the framework 
reflects some form of educational or satire usage. As allowed in accordance 
to Fair Use.

This framework will be distributed in a FlOSS manner. Noting that in some 
cases FlOSS may not in actuality indicate "Free Beer" so much as Free Speech.

I expect any complaints on this matter be fully read on the Intellectual 
Property Laws of USA and Canada, including but not limited to:

 * Fair use for the purpose of education
 * Fair use for the purpose of satire
 * The definition of Software Properties (Canada only)
 * The definition of a Patent
 * How a Patent may be reimplimented without breaking the Law
 * The definition of what exactly is a Trademark.
 * The definition of what exactly is a Copyright.
 * How exactly a Trademark is never a Copyright of any kind (and thus a 
   seperate definition)
 * The entries that Nintendo has took the effort to actually register in the 
   various Trademark databases, as oppose to imaginary ones that various fans 
   dream up about, when topics like this come up.

It should be noted that this will never be sold with the name "Pokemon", 
except for a few cases where it can be directly shown that the case is used 
for education or parody. We of course, are including in our definitions of 
selling as including various forms of advertisements in it (for example: 
google advertisements or banner advertisments on sites depicting this stuff) 
or otherwise having some manner of monitary gain created as a result of using 
this sort of product. We are fully aware that if we get a form of monitary 
gain for any time a user makes a request to see this stuff (regardless of 
where that money comes from, it need not be directly from the person), then 
we could be shown as being in direct violation of said Intellectual Property.

 * Finish Specs on this
 * Make a proper TODO file
 * Make a proper Changelog.txt file

 * Started project on GitHub
 * Created README file
 * Wrote long legal disclaimer noting that we at least think we fully know 
   the law on this.