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A decentralised Social Network based around key Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 concepts, all the while, maintaining the premise of the Internet being a communication system that would stay operational even under a nuclear attack (hence the decentralised concept)
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Socloud Affair Network is an attempt to make a noncentralised Social Network 
based on the days of UUCP, USENET and old school BBS.

The idea here is to take the whole point of the internet, and be completely 
decentralised in its to make it harder to take down the network and 
information once put out there. Also making the network no longer be run by 
one centralised power, thus removing absolute power on that network's 

Socloud Affair Network will allow for OAuth and OpenId authentication on the
home node server. It will also have a SSCAPI--that is the Server to Server 
Copy Application Interface. Where Socloud Affair Networks can talk with other 
trusted Socloud Affair Networks and send date to and from them. With the 
very real option to be implimented, of sending information back and forth 
from other Social Networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Tumblr,
GamerDNA, MySpace, Youtube, etc.,

Making targetting Socloud Affair Networks as being more important than any 
other network to get your application to be successful. Hopefully, removing 
relevance from these more centralised options.

Socloud Affair Network, works by putting it into a spot on an HTTP server.

For example:

Socloud Affair Networks could talk to that website, requesting for Socloud
Affair Network data as their prefered type. It will also allow for a web 
based interface for those who want to view the site via their web browser.

Logins would be able to be done either via:

Which would look at the request to see if it is an OAuth or OpenId request, 
and moving from there. There would be an option to manually select that 

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