Just some basic NIMH Labs library framework stuff. Nothing major--just stuff that I find myself typing over and over again,
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Yeah--I have been finding that there have been more than a few common 
functions in amongst most of my programs that I work on.

Mostly this deals with program configuration, threading and sockets. this 
means that this will project will work on the targets of:

 * Command line configuration. Temporary configuration differences 
   given per instance. These generally will not be permanent. Though 
   this may be an option
 * Configuration of the program. Generally the configuration would 
   be stored via SQLite3 database, though there should be an option to add
   new entries via a .conf or .ini file. To reset .Conf and .Ini entries
   "touch"ing the file.. as the checksum for the conf/ini updates includes 
   the last time updated timestamp.
 * State keeping. Generally a form of auto save for the most part.
 * Memory Management. Generally a large amount of my projects end up basing 
   themselves on some rudimentary memory tools and setups. These will be 
   expanded upon elsewhere, but are used here decently.
 * Threading. Yeah, this is something that occurs quite often in my programs.
   Generally in combination with various memory management type setups.
 * Sockets... these generally appear in quite a few of my projects. It should
   be more than normal in todays to use network code in programs.

I may add some basic ncurses and frame buffer code into this after a while.