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ranking words using HITS
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This is a tool code of ranking words using HITS algolithm, described in the following paper:

  • Satoru Katsumata, Yukio Matsumura, Hayahide Yamagishi and Mamoru Komachi. 2018. Graph-based Filtering of Out-of-Vocabulary Words for Encoder-Decoder Models. In Proc. of ACL 2018, Student Research Workshop.

1. Environmental Settings

You have to install these modules. (version)

  • Python3 (3.6.0)
  • numpy (1.13.3)
  • scikit-learn (0.19.1)
  • scipy (1.0.0)

2. Experimental Settings

  • inputF: input file (one line one sentence)
  • model: Freq or PPMI
  • outF: output folder (the ranked words, word-graph matrix, and vectorizer are saved.)
  • window: the window size of defining co-occurrence
  • iter: HITS iteration (The larger the words in the input text are, the bigger the number of it should be.)
  • vocabSize: vocabulary size of output

If you try this script, please sh

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