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Reference implementation of Kava, a blockchain for cross-chain DeFi. Built using the cosmos-sdk.


The current recommended version of the software for mainnet is v0.21.0. The master branch of this repository often contains considerable development work since the last mainnet release and is not runnable on mainnet.

Installation and Setup

For detailed instructions see the Kava docs.

git checkout v0.21.0
make install

End-to-end tests of Kava use a tool for generating networks with different configurations: kvtool. This is included as a git submodule at tests/e2e/kvtool. When first cloning the repository, if you intend to run the e2e integration tests, you must also clone the submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Or, if you have already cloned the repo: git submodule update --init


For further information on joining the testnet, head over to the testnet repo.


Kava protocol and client documentation can be found in the Kava docs.

If you have technical questions or concerns, ask a developer or community member in the Kava discord.


If you find a security issue, please report it to security [at] Depending on the verification and severity, a bug bounty may be available.


Copyright © Kava Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the Apache v2 License.