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Detect and convert Spotify or Deezer links into each others

To start

npm install

cp config.example.js config.js

//file it
vim config.js

npm start

How to use

  • Set outgoing webhooks on mattermost
    • Content Type : application/json
    • Channel : //pick your channel
    • Trigger Words :
    • Trigger when : First word starts with a trigger word
    • Callback URLs : http://[your_host]:[port_set]/convert
  • Copy the token to the config file

  • After App start, app default is listenning on port 3000

  • Send POST request on /convert with body

      "token" : "TOKEN_IN_CONFIG",
      "text" : "" 
      "token" : "TOKEN_IN_CONFIG",
      "text" : "" 
  • Server will answer by json with
      "text" : "//link converted",
      "username" : "Music-bot",
      "icon_url" : ""

Mattermost will type it into the channel.


Link to Docker hub

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