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A chatbot for StackExchange
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A chatbot for StackExchange

This is a very simple little chatbot for StackExchange stuff. It features a very simple plugin system that allows users to add new commands and tasks with absolute ease.

Setting Up

  1. Install all dependencies:
pip install beautifulsoup4
pip install websocket-client
  1. Run python
  2. Enter credentials and room number
  3. Navigate to the room, and paste in superuser escalation command (/iamthecaptainnow FFFFFF)


You will need a StackExchange account with at least 20 reputation. You may not use OpenID at this time -- you must use an e-mail address through SE's login system. Additionally, you also need to sign on at at least once before being able to connect to any chat rooms.


  1. Create a new plugin under the plugins/ folder in the main directory.
  2. Add your code to it. Use the file as an example.
  3. Restart the bot to load the new plugin.