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A "simple" Telegram chatbot
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WolfBot is a relatively simple chatbot created for the popular messaging platform Telegram.

It was designed to help out a single chat, but it has since expanded into doing a few interesting and unique things, especially for the world of Pokemon GO. It is my sincere hope that you find WolfBot useful.

A running implementation of WolfBot is available at the username @AwooBot on Telegram. Feel free to add it and play with it as much as you like.

Setting up the Bot

If you want to run your own instance of the bot, I've got you covered. Follow these steps, and it should work.

  1. Install the telepot package through pip.
  2. Get a Telegram API key from Botfather on Telegram.
  3. Get your current User ID for Telegram. @AwooBot's /getinfo command can help you with this.
  4. Copy the core.example.json file in the config/ folder to core.json.
  5. Replace all necessary values with your settings.
  6. Run WolfBot by running the file.
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