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What is K4X?

K4X will be a platform game engine that will allow developers to quickly create Sonic-style platform games. It's the final combination of the following other projects on my GitHub:

  • Kazmath - A 3D math library
  • KGLT - An OpenGL graphics engine
  • Spindash - A Sonic-style physics engine
  • Platformation - A platform game level editor
  • Kaztimer - A game timer library
  • Kaztext - An OpenGL font and text rendering library
  • Kazbase - My own C++ base library - A Prettier syntax wrapper for boost, STL and curl

All of these projects have been working towards this end goal of creating a platform game engine that runs at 4x the resolution of the Mega Drive.

Current Status

Currently only some of the base infrastructure has been coded, you get a nice blank GL window for now :)