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#include <UnitTest++.h>
#include "../kazmath/vec2.h"
#include "../kazmath/utility.h"
#include "../kazmath/mat3.h"
TEST(test_transform) {
kmVec2 orig;
kmVec2Fill(&orig, 0.0, 1.0f);
kmMat3 rotate;
kmMat3RotationZ(&rotate, kmDegreesToRadians(90.0f));
kmVec2 rotated;
kmVec2Transform(&rotated, &orig, &rotate);
CHECK_CLOSE(1.0f, rotated.x, 0.001f);
CHECK_CLOSE(0.0f, rotated.y, 0.001f);
TEST(test_degrees_between) {
kmVec2 v1;
kmVec2 v2;
kmVec2Fill(&v1, 1, 0);
kmVec2Fill(&v2, 0, 1);
CHECK_CLOSE(90.0f, kmVec2DegreesBetween(&v1, &v2), 0.001f);
CHECK_CLOSE(-90.0f, kmVec2DegreesBetween(&v2, &v1), 0.001f);
TEST(test_vec2_rotate_by) {
kmVec2 res;
kmVec2RotateBy(&res, &KM_VEC2_POS_Y, 90, &KM_VEC2_ZERO);
CHECK_CLOSE(-1, res.x, 0.001f);
CHECK_CLOSE(0, res.y, 0.001f);
kmVec2RotateBy(&res, &KM_VEC2_POS_Y, -90, &KM_VEC2_ZERO);
CHECK_CLOSE(1, res.x, 0.001f);
CHECK_CLOSE(0, res.y, 0.001f);
kmVec2RotateBy(&res, &KM_VEC2_POS_Y, 180, &KM_VEC2_ZERO);
CHECK_CLOSE(0, res.x, 0.001f);
CHECK_CLOSE(-1, res.y, 0.001f);
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