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What is ub variable used for? #9

garfi43 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I wanted to know what is the following variable used for.

File ray2.c on line 31:

  • 31: kmScalar ub = ((x2 - x1) * (y1 - y3) - (y2 - y1) * (x1 - x3)) / denom;

It is declared and initialized but never used.

on lines 33,34

  • 33: kmScalar x = x1 + ua * (x2 - x1);
  • 34: kmScalar y = y1 + ua * (y2 - y1);

ua variable is used two times.

Was the ua variable on line 34 meant to be ub?


No, the double usage of ua is correct. However, ua and ub can be used to determine if the intersection actually happened which is what we should be doing rather than the min/max checks. I'll take a proper look when I can :)


Thank you for your reply. Really nice library.


I finally fixed this. Latest master makes use of ub.

@Kazade Kazade closed this
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