Easily open relevant groupings of files as a tab in Vim
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Tabv for Vim GitHub version

Easily open relevant groupings of files in Vim. This plugin is currently simplistic and hacky. I am developing it slowly over time. If you start using it please let me know what you need from it by submitting issues.

I use it along with The NERD tree and CtrlP.Vim in order to easily call up files from within a project and make working in Vim more like working in an IDE. Both those plugins are far more mature and powerful than this one is, plus the guys who wrote them are way better with VimL than I am. I recommend them both above this one, but they can be used to complement each other.

Open a tab and populate it with related files

The main command is :Tabv. It takes one argument, which is the "root" or "stem" of the set of files you want to open (see below for examples). It attempts to guess the type of project you are working on and open the files accordingly. Currently C#, C++, Python, JavaScript and Go are supported. A variant of this command is :Tvword, which does the same thing but using the word under cursor instead of a command-mode argument.

For C++ projects, it will bring up the header file, the source file, and the unit tests. For JavaScript projects, the command will bring up the script and its unit tests. The locations and extension of these files can be configured through global variables.

Example in a C++ project:

:Tabv Channel

Tabv for C++

Example in a C++ project, using the <> extension, which will cause only the unit tests and header file to be loaded (not the source file; C++ templates do no have source files):

:Tabv Router<>

Tabv<> for C++

Example for a JavaScript project:

:Tabv tokens

Tabv for JavaScript

The same command is available wrapped/aliased for use in shell environments (Bash and PowerShell). For Bash, source the tabv.sh file in your .bashrc, or for PowerShell source the tabv.ps1 in your $profile. Two addition commands are define in each environment: vs and sp, which will open two files split vertically or horizontally.

Open relevant files for already opened file in same tab

Will attempt to figure out where the unit tests for the current buffer are and open them in a vertically split window:



I recommend installing with Pathogen, thus (you may need to mkdir ~/.vim/bundle):

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone https://github.com/Kazark/vim-tabv.git

Note: you may have to use ~\vimfiles instead of ~/.vim if you are on Windows.

Developer Notes

To run the specs, you will need Vader installed as a Vim plugin. The from within the Tabv repository, do:

cd specs
vim +Vader*

this will run all the specs. For more information, see Vader's documentation.