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This Pelican theme is based on Casper, the default theme of blogging platform Ghost. The work is based on the port Casper2Pelican.

The name of the theme comes from Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, also known as Nerly Headless Nick, the resident ghost of Gryffindor Tower.


Desktop view Android view

Supported Settings

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is added to every page if GOOGLE_ANALYTICS is set.


A flattr:id meta is added if FLATTR_ID is set.

Menu customization

The navigation bar honors the following settings:

  • DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_ON_MENU=True will show all categories in the navigation bar
  • DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU=True will show all pages in navigation bar
  • The link Archives is added if ARCHIVES_SAVE_AS is not empty
  • The link Tags is added if TAGS_SAVE_AS is not empty

Archives and indexes

If ARCHIVES_SAVE_AS is not empty (default: archives.html), general, category and tag indexes will show a paginated (following the setting DEFAULT_PAGINATION) list of article excerpts.

Otherwise, they show an archive-style list of articles without pagination. In this case it is recommended to set DEFAULT_PAGINATION to 0 to prevent the generation of redondant files.

Tag cloud

You can enable a tag cloud by setting variables TAGS_SAVE_AS and TAGS_URL in your configuration. You must enable the plugin tag_cloud by adding it to PLUGINS.

Missing or untested features

  • Author page
  • Authors page (list of authors)
  • Tags page (list of tags)
  • Categories page (list of categories)

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT License.


Clean Pelican theme based on Ghost's default theme Casper





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