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This extension integrates the ruflin/elastica into Nette Framework. For more information on how to use Elastica read the official documentation.


You can install the extension using this command

$ composer require kdyby/elastic-search

and enable the extension using your neon config.

	elasticSearch: Kdyby\ElasticSearch\DI\SearchExtension

Minimal configuration

Guess what, you don't have to configure anything! :)

But if you really really want to, you can use the following options, with the following default values

	host: localhost
	port: 9200
	path: NULL
	proxy: NULL
	transport: 'Http'
	persistent: on
	timeout: 300
		curl: [] # curl options
		headers: [] # additional curl headers
		url: [] # completely custom URL endpoint
	roundRobin: off
	retryOnConflict: 0


The extension registers the Kdyby\ElasticSearch\Client as a service, which extends the Elastica\Client and adds custom logging for diagnostics panel. Simply inject the service and use it.

class SearchManager
	/** @var \Kdyby\ElasticSearch\Client */
	private $elastica;

	public function __construct(\Kdyby\ElasticSearch\Client $elastica)
		$this->elastica = $elastica;

	// ...
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