Open source RTS for the new handheld gaming system "Pandora" at Please do not hesitate to donate. We need to get another pandora for testing.
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This is the source distribution for the QuantumDrive project.

It is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.


QuantumDrive is a game written for the JVM, primarily targeting the OpenPandora portable gaming platform. It is a real time strategy game that tries to unite many of the features found in other major RTS titles while also trying to simplify them and make them usable using a touch screen and very limited screen real estate. Our goal is to make the game extremely modular and extensible, to make it possible for our users to adapt and adopt our game to suit their needs.

To find out more about the project, check out the wiki. Also feel free to join the discussion over at our forum; we appreciate your participation there even if you don't plan to contribute to the project.

Building the source code

The latest version of the source code can always be found at GitHub. There, you'll also find our wiki and all of the information we've put in it for your convenience.

In order to build the code, you'll need three tools:

You can find out how to install these tools (and more) by reading our forum guide.

When you have all three tools installed, use the following two (or actually three) steps to compile the project for your platform:

git clone git://
cd QuantumDrive
mvn install -P profile

Instead of "profile", you have to specify one of our build profiles. These are:

  • "linux-i586" - Linux for 32-bit Intel and AMD processors
  • "linux-amd64" - Linux for 64-bit Intel and AMD processors
  • "macosx-universal" - Any Apple Mac version, either with an Intel or PPC processor
  • "windows-i586" - Any 32-bit Windows version
  • "windows-amd64" - Any 64-bit Windows version
  • "solaris-i586" - OpenSolaris for 32-bit Intel and AMD processors
  • "solaris-sparc" - Sun Solaris for SPARC-processors (Yes, we support that!)
  • "solaris-sparcv9" - Sun Solaris for SPARCv9 processors

If no profile is specified, we will try to guess which operating system you're currently running and build a distribution based on that information. That is why you will find more build configurations in the pom.xml than the ones that are listed above; they are used for automatic detection.

We do not currently support using multiple profiles at once.

Since the OpenPandora isn't released yet, we cannot currently deploy for it, either.

You will find various generated distributions of our project (either as JARs with and without dependencies, or as complete ZIP distributions) in the "target/" folder.

Joining in

If you want to contribute to the project in any shape or form, please visit us at our forum. Make yourself known, tell us what you can do, and we'll be sure to make use of your skills somehow.